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Rumour – Plot, hero and gameplay details leak for Visceral’s Star Wars game

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Unlike a decade ago when Star Wars games were somewhat more plentiful, the current state of that universe in an interactive sphere is somewhat more limited. That’s both good and bad. Good because it means that the market isn’t flooded with ten versions of Masters of Teras Kasi for every superb Force Unleashed game released, and bad because I’m a nerd in Ewok underoos who craves more of that particular galaxy that happens to be situated somewhere far, far away.

With EA in charge of the license, they’ve opted to go large with the Battlefront series for the immediate future, leveraging the popular genre online skop, skiet en donner for that franchise. That doesn’t mean that a more daring Star Wars game isn’t on the way. Visceral has been plugging away at their untitled chapter in the series for a while now, although any actual details on it are about as scarce as an EA E3 press conference that people actually enjoyed.

MakingStarWars apparently has an inside man on the production of that game, as they posted a ton of new details on the project. Take it with a pinch of salt, but here’s the round-up of what they had to leak via the corpses of many many dead Bothans, so take it with a space-pinch of space-salt:

  • Visceral’s Star Wars game is currently codenamed “Project Ragtag”
  • The story is supposedly as complex as that of a feature film and takes place after Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Todd “Gotham” Stashwick isn’t just helping write the game, but is also playing the main character “Dodger”
  • After skipping out on Imperial Service, Dodger found himself working underground for criminal organisations and earning a bounty on his head from the Empire for his desertion
  • Dodger also happens to be one of the few survivors of Alderaan, natives who are now all on a wanted list by the Empire
  • With the Death Star destroyed, the Empire has now begun focusing its attention on the Outer Rim in an effort to find the terrorists responsible
  • This has resulted in new opportunities for the criminal underworld, finding extra credits as they work for or against the Empire
  • Dodger takes a job from Jabba the Hutt so that he can earn enough coin to erase his name from the Alderaan list, although he finds himself flung into a story that tackles his past, present and future
  • Dodger’s skills involve the use of a blaster, grapple stick and lightsaber-esque whip that he uses in deadly combos
  • Visceral is aiming to make Dodger and his crew of misfits unique characters, not just palette swaps of familiar Star Wars heroes and villains

Sounds alright, for a character who finds himself in Alderaan places regularly. Heh. I do like the idea of playing as someone other than a Jedi for a change as the best characters of Star Wars haven’t been religiously fanatic laser-sword wielding monks who have a habit of chopping your hand off to dispute debates, but rather the rogues and survivors of that universe. Ordinary people in an extraordinary galaxy just looking to survive.

There’s no solid release date yet for Visceral’s Star Wars game, or even more than a few seconds of precious footage for it, so these details could change in the future. If they’re even true.

Last Updated: June 21, 2017


  1. Too soon to ask for 1313?


  2. Peter Pan

    June 22, 2017 at 09:12

    Considering Visceral is the developer, I’m actually looking forward to this game!


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