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RUMOUR: Ridley Scott in talks to direct THE PRISONER

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Ridley Scott is a busy man. He had a great return to form with The Martian which has just recently gone on to win the Golden Globe for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) and is busy working on the next movie in the Alien franchise Alien: Covenant. And if that’s not all JoBlo.com reports that he is in talks to possibly direct an adaption of the classic TV show The Prisoner. The original TV show came out almost 50 years ago and although I have never watched any version of it, it was quite popular in its day, especially in the UK and bringing it to the big screen could open it up to an entirely new audience.

While The Prisoner was recently rebooted into a 6 episode mini-series in 2009, this will be the first time that the title will be heading to the big screen. JoBlo reports:

The project has been in existence for a number of years with the most recent draft of the script originating from William Monahan (THE DEPARTED). Should Ridley Scott come on-board, it’s possible that this may be his next film after ALIEN: COVENANT wraps as he hasn’t lined up any firm projects afterward.

The original series followed an unnamed British spy (played by Patrick McGoohan) who awakens to find that he’s being held captive in a mysterious seaside village after suddenly resigning from his job. After being given the name “Number Six,” the inhabitants of the village begin to use a variety of bizarre methods to extract information from the former agent and Number Six is left wondering who, if anyone, he can trust.

Not wholly original by today’s standards – but back in the day it was a unique concept. If it does go ahead, it will be interesting to see what unique take he would put on the TV series. There is no word yet on anyone else who may be signed up to this project, so it is still very early days before we can start seeing this as a sure thing.

Last Updated: January 12, 2016

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