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Rumour : Sony Motion Control to Include a Nunchuck

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A NeoGaf user by the name of “ichinisan” has claimed to have seen recent pictures of Sony’s upcoming motion control system, known in my head as the Sony Lovewand, but probably actually called “Arc”.

He claims that the wand contains “one very big button on top”; with the trademarked Sony face buttons of X, O, Triangle and Square added on; a well as a trigger known as “T”. It’ll also apparently have Nunchuck accessory, making it more “Wii-like,” so porting all 2 of the good non-Nintendo Wii games will be a breeze.

He says that the add-on has an analogue stick and X and O buttons. He also says the L1 and L2 shoulder buttons are underneath the D-Pad, and that the add-one is longer than the one found on the Wii. the doubling up of buttons is presumably because the nunchuck is optional. Users should be able to use regular DS3’s if they wish – as was shown recently with the Resident Evil 5 motion control demo.

I’m still convinced that of the new motion control schemes Sony’s will be better able to have games tailored to the “core” market – even if it is a tad derivative of Nintendo’s. the only thing worrying me right now is the price; The wand, a PS3 eye and a nunchuck, albeit optional? Sounds pretty pricy.

Source : NeoGAF

[thanks to Scot for the tip]

Last Updated: March 8, 2010

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