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Rumour: The next Xbox is codenamed “Durango”

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When it comes to drumming up some hype for your next video game console, nothing hits the minds eye of the public harder than a catchy codename. Before it was the Dreamcast, Sega called their doomed console the ‘Katana’, while Nintendo referred to the Wii as the ‘Revolution’, which admittedly, did sound pretty rad.

With rumours of an Xbox being denied and suspiciously confirmed every which way a gamer turns, it’s getting kind of difficult to seperate the hogwash from the facts, but now, a little internet Batmanning has revealed that the secret, in development successor to the current 360 console does indeed have a codename to go with it’s existance.

And it’s called Durango.

Multiple sources close to the next-box project have confirmed with Kotaku that Durango is indeed the name of the next console, a name that will most likely float around until something a little more hip and marketing-friendly can be chosen.

It’s also a name that lines up with previous naming policies from Microsoft, such as the Kinect being known as the Natal in it’s early days, while some of their software was named after American cities and locales.

So there you have it, the next Xbox is named after a Mexican city and fuel-guzzling SUV. Lets just hope that Microsoft ditches that disastrous idea to make second-hand games unplayable on the future platform.


Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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