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Rumour – Titanfall pilot & Titan skills leaked

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Beastie boys skills to pay bills

After playing the beta, I’m pretty damn excited for Titanfall. That public exhibition gave me a taste of the game, and I want more. Especially when it comes to that smart pistol which gives me an edge in competition. There’s a ton more to the game than just my crappy aim and massive mechs though. And one digital sleuth uncovered the various talents that players will take into battle with them.

Data-miner RazorUK (via VGLeaks) has posted a list of the skills that pay the bills for pilots and Titans. Here they are:

  • Fast Autoloader – Recharges Titan ordnance faster
  • Auto Eject – Titan about to explode? This boost will get you without you needing to mash the eject button, and it’ll cloak you for a short while
  • Dead Man’s Trigger – All of your planted explosives are activated as soon as you die
  • Icepick – A data knife with increased Spectre and Turrent hacking speed
  • Power Cell – Recharges your tactical ability faster
  • Guardian Chip – Allows your Titan to be more effective when targeting enemies after being left in auto-mode
  • Run N Gun Kit – Allows for small arms to be fired while you sprint
  • Explosives Pack – Increased ordnance capacity for pilots
  • Quick Reload Kit – All pilot weapons are reloaded quicker
  • Stealth Kit – Footsteps are muffled while in stealth mode, hides exhaust trails from jump kits
  • Enhanced Parkour Kit – Parkour around levels for longer periods of time thanks to increased wall-hangs and runs
  • Warpfall Transmitter – Allows for your Titan to drop into battle sooner
  • Dome-Shield Battery – Increased shielding for your Titan
  • Minion Detector – Friendlies and foes can be distinguished more easily on your mini-map
  • Tactical Reactor – Titan tactical abilities recharge faster
  • Regen Booster – Titan bodyshield recharges faster
  • Dash Quickcharger – Titan dash recharges quicker
  • Nuclear Ejection – After you eject, your  damaged Titan detonates a small nuclear explosion around it
  • Big Punch – Titan floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee with increased melee damage
  • Core Extender – Titan core abilities remain active for longer
  • Core Accelerator – Titan core abilities recharge faster
  • Survivor – Titan loses health at a slower rate when in Doomed mode

The game is out soon on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. But not soon enough dammit.

Last Updated: February 25, 2014

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