Updated to Confirmed : Xbox 360 Controller Getting a New D-Pad?

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[Updated] Major Nelson has posted a video which pretty much confirms this controller is coming to the US for $70. Video at the bottom

The Xbox 360 controller is probably my favourite video game controller – barring the ridiculous legendary awesomeness of the Dreamcast’s, of course. Unlike Sony’s decades old dual-shock design,I’m not left with cramped hands after hours-long gaming sessions. There is though, a caveat; The 360 controller has one of the worst d-pads ever designed, making simple things like changing weapons or moving in the intended direction much more laborious than it needs to be.

That might be set to change.

According to Joystiq’s sources, Microsoft are set to roll out a newly redesigned 360 controller – one that has had improvements made to its d-pad. Finally. There’s no word on whether it’ll become the new standard controller – replacing the Black 360 S controller – or if it’ll be a new, separate SKU. the reworked d-pad is intended to appease fighting game fans, who’ve long bemoaned the 360 controllers rubbish controls.

It could just end up being that sickly green controller with the slightly improved d-pad that was released alongside Pro Evo 2009 in Europe. Whatever the case may be, it’s really about time.

The newly redesigned controller is expected just in time for the holidays.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: August 31, 2010

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