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Blizzard announce their first Overwatch League teams [Updated]

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Blizzard sneakily reveale dthe first seven teams today instead of tomorrow.

In the United States, the city of Boston has been claimed by Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group and the New England Patriots. Two hundred miles to the south, Jeff Wilpon, cofounder and partner at Sterling.VC and COO of the New York Mets, will be writing a new chapter in New York City’s storied sports history with the Overwatch League team for the Big Apple—Boston’s traditional rival. Kraft and Wilpon are best known for their leadership in professional American football and baseball, respectively, and they are both incredibly excited to apply their experience to a new frontier.

Along with these owners from the traditional sports world, we welcome three established esports organizations to the Overwatch League who will represent four more major metropolises in the USA. San Francisco has been snapped up by Andy Miller, the chairman and founder of NRG Esports, and Los Angeles has been secured by Noah Whinston, the CEO of Immortals. On the other side of the country, Misfits CEO and cofounder Ben Spoont has locked down sunny Miami and nearby Orlando. Teams from NRG, Immortals, and Misfits have demonstrated significant dedication in competitive Overwatch, and the organizations behind them are welcome additions to the Overwatch League.

Across the Pacific, the city of Shanghai in China will be entering the fray, led by Chinese internet technology company NetEase. Rounding out the first seven is South Korean capital city Seoul, the spiritual home of competitive gaming, and its team owner Kevin Chou, cofounder of Kabam. Given the enthusiasm for Overwatch and commitment to esports in both China and South Korea, it is an honor to welcome these two vibrant cities to the Overwatch League.

Original article as follows:

The rumour-shrouded Overwatch League may reach a point of clarity tomorrow as sources have told ESPN that Blizzard is announcing the teams associated with the League tomorrow.

Spots for the Overwatch League were rumoured to be as high as $20 million, so the announcement will put to rest which organisations were willing to purchase the slots of that price, or lower. Blizzard’s target has been non-endemic, meaning they’re targeting bigger brands outside of esports. Two teams, Immortals and NRG Esports, remained as both are tied to non-endemic brands, and the other four slots have been rumoured to have been filled. The other report, from last week, was that Rob Kraft and Fred Wilpon were interested in two slots from North America, while Shanghai and Seoul’s owners were unknown.

It’s unclear what these sources told ESPN, but a new Overwatch League Twitter account appeared last night, so it may not be all that incorrect.

We’re hoping, if the teams are announced, that more clarity is offered regarding the inner workings of the league. What we’re most interested in hear is what Blizzard’s plan are regarding the revenue sharing and the overall outcome of yesterday’s reported Call of Duty League which is set to start six months after the Overwatch League. There are a lot of unanswered questions surround the league, and perhaps some more clarity will see endemic oorganisationsonce again joining Overwatch after being dead-set on its progress several months ago.


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Last Updated: July 12, 2017

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