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Ryse embargo raises many red flags

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In the few years that I’ve been doing this job I’ve noticed two common traits that hold throughout the world when it comes to video games. The first being that if a relatively unknown title has a huge marketing budget then you should be very wary of its quality and the second is that if reviews are embargoed to release date then start panicking.

Now none of these are absolute truths. Call of Duty often waits until release day for review embargoes and is generally pretty good but you get the idea.

For example Forza on the Xbox One has an unknown review embargo that is close to the release date but we all pretty much know the game will be solid, maybe not as good as we hope but it’s got pedigree now and that goes some way into allowing for pre-orders without knowing about the game.

Ryse on the other hand is making me panic in no small manner. Ryse is a total unknown, it’s a brand new IP that Microsoft have been pushing very hard as the leading title for the Xbox One.

It’s impossible to see a Xbox One advert without Ryse being showcased and we are constantly bombarded with videos like this one showcasing how incredible the game will be.

I’m a huge fan of the Spartacus series and as such I’m really hoping Ryse is going to be good but in all honesty I’m expecting it to be a stinker.

The gameplay has been bashed for having too many QTE’s already which the developer now says has been changed. Microsoft has been marketing the hell out of it and now we find out that the review embargo is set for exactly one day before release.

Put simply I expect this game to be bad to mediocre as it’s following all the standard industry attempts at pushing a bad game onto the audience.

If you have a pre-order for Ryse then I’d recommend cancelling it. You don’t lose out if it ends up being good but I’d personally like to see the community fighting back at underhanded tactics.

Cancel your pre-order and then when the reviews hit and the game is excellent simply go pick it up. But I bet you it isn’t.

Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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