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SA indie nominated for award and Exploding Kittens go nuclear

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Exploding Kittens

For those of you used to Indie Zoe, don’t worry, it’s still here. Just hopefully in a form that people will want to read. Because I know you don’t want to miss all this awesome action on the indie scene.

Last year, local developer Duncan Bell released a game under his Red Dot Lab studio called Blazin’ Aces. You can read Gavin’s review of it over here, and of course we’d encourage you to buy it if it’s your kind of game. The game was actually created in GameMaker, leading to it getting nominated for an award – Game of the Year (for games made in GameMaker). Go give it a vote – it’s currently in second place and we’d like to at the very least keep it that way, or maybe even push it up to first.

Yesterday, I told you about Exploding Kittens, a Kickstarter game from The Oatmeal. Well, they’ve raised another million dollars since then. That’s right, the game is getting incredible support. I think my favorite part is that the normal deck has 5 163 backers while the NSFW deck has 59 323 backers. We are all just far too curious about what’s in the NSFW deck.

I bought Don’t Starve Together so that I could enjoy my desperate bid to survive with others. Of course, being a Mac gamer, that was impossible, but not for much longer. According to a recent update, Don’t Starve Together will be getting the four most requested things soon: Player-hosted dedicated servers, controller support, Mac and Linux support and Reign of Giants integration. I can’t wait!

If you’re looking for some new indies to play, you could do far worse than the Humble Weekly Sale. Offering a variety of indie brawlers, includes games like Guacamelee and Fist of Awesome, as well as Fist of Jesus. Or, just wait for this weekend and take advantage of the PSN 10% off sale and grab some awesome indies on your console.

Don’t worry, by next week I’ll be able to tell you about a bunch of cool new local prototypes for games. This weekend is Global Game Jam. You can still get involved. Register and make a game – talk about having a productive weekend.

Last Updated: January 22, 2015

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