SA Premier League Update

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EA Premier League UpdateThe South African EA Premier League is in full flight and the action is fierce.

I played my first two games last night and lost miserably in both of them, you could say that FIFA is not my strongest game.

However at the top of the table (bar first place) the competition is strong and the league may very well have a very exciting ending.

It is quickly becoming painfully obvious that there is a single very strong player in this league who is begging for some stronger competition in the next league.

PO7H3AD currently remains unbeaten with 12 straight wins using Bayern Munich and then he is followed by a 7 way battle for second and third place. I am currently battling with SVS1000 and ShakeDownZA for last place while we still have 3 guys (including Barcelona) to play a single game.


Click February 1, 2008

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