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Sacred 2 Console Versions coming next year

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Sacred 2 Console Versions coming next year 2

As far as I can tell there was never a solid release date for the console version of Sacred 2 but it has always been assumed that we will be seeing it before Christmas this year.

Unfortunately this has proven to be a false hope as the developers have announced this morning that they are now aiming for a 2009 Q1 release.

As the press release goes

“We have committed ourselves to offering gamers nothing but top quality. In order to be able to further optimize the online components of the console versions, and ensure a simultaneous release world-wide, we have chosen to aim for this release date for the console versions”

So from what I can see the online component of one of the consoles has caused this delay… they have diplomatically not released the name of the offending network.

To be honest this is a bit of a blessing as the recent price increases mean that we can’t afford all the games we want so spreading them over a longer period of time is a good thing.

Last Updated: October 22, 2008

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