Sacred 2 making its way to the Playstation 3

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sacred2fallen.jpgWe received a Press Release from Megarom yesterday announcing that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will also be heading to the Playstation 3 and will be on shelves this November. Known for being a Diablo II clone, the first Sacred was developed for PC in 2004 and did it’s job filling the gap that was left open by the lack of new Diablo game.

“We are delighted to be developing a PS3â„¢ version of SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel and are looking forward to entertaining an even bigger community of players. We’ve been in development for over a year on this task, and can now proudly unveil our current state of development to the public, featuring enhanced graphics and using the full potential of the PS3â„¢ hardware,” says Heiko tom Felde, Managing Director of ASCARON Entertainment GmbH.

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The game was met with average reviews (73/100 on Metacritic) as the game was mostly well-liked but heavily riddled with bugs and flaws, including an infamous mission bug that led the developers to release a cheat, rather than patch, to give you the item you needed as the bug was apparently not fixable. I’m pretty sure that the developers, Ascaron Entertainment have learnt their lesson and are eager to show that they are capable of pumping out a polished game. So then, what can we expect from this new title?

Here’s what the press release had to say:

“The PLAYSTATION®3 version supports drop in/drop out multiplayer gaming for up to four players via internet, and two player full-screen gaming on one console – simply pick up a controller, press start and join your friends. Players can save their characters and use them in all game modes – allowing the same character to be used both online and offline.

Multiplayer modes include co-op campaign and PVP. SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel also supports PLAYSTATION®Network invitations for games in progress, as well as various ranking lists. The PLAYSTATION®Store will also host a variety of new trailers and other game assets, with downloadable content also planned for the future.

The controls and interface have been developed from scratch for the PLAYSTATION®3 version to ensure fluid and intuitive PS3™ gameplay throughout.

SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel is a vast, detailed and deeply playable Action RPG. Assuming one of 6 uniquely identifiable characters players will embark on a thrilling story across two intricate campaigns set on the paths of Light and Shadow. SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel blends a seamless game world with solo and multiplayer gameplay, packed full of unsolved quests, character development, gritty adventure and deadly combat with hordes of screaming enemies.

Ancaria is a world without level boundaries, and players can freely explore without any loading delays. With its huge attention to detail and high quality graphic style, SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel will enchant players from all over the world.”

Well, if all goes well and the control scheme works well then fans of Hack and Slash RPG’s can look forward to some great hack and err, slash action coming their way in November of this year.

Last Updated: June 27, 2008

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