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Saints Row 2 delayed for polishing: Yeah Right!

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It was reported today that Saints Row 2 has been delayed from its original release date of August to October so that they can spend more time polishing the game. I don’t buy any of this for a second. We all know what’s really going on here.

While Saints Row was accepted fairly well, we all know that there is an incredibly large and awkward elephant in the room. I have a snippet of the official statement after the jump, as well as my very own translation of what it all actually means.

Ok, so here is the official statement, quoted from an article on 1up.com:

“Product quality is a huge driver of a game’s success and this move allows us to polish the game. The game is done, it’s about polish,” said Bob Aniello, THQ’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, in explaining the decision to delay the game. Aniello also attributed the decision to having more time to build up the game’s marketing. “There is a bigger trend within the industry to build big marketing events within a bigger time window. This allows us to lead up to the holiday timeframe,” he said.”

And now, as a special service provided only by Lazygamer.co.za, I will provide you with a direct translation of the above statements:

Hi, my name is Bob Aniello, from THQ. We thought our game was looking pretty damn fine. Then we got a copy of GTAIV into the office and it has since take 3 weeks to find all the developers hiding places and a further week to put their thumb sucking habits to rest. When we saw GTA IV, we realised that we had been so incredibly outdone, that we wanted to host a mass suicide in a nearby barn but instead have opted to delay the game. By doing this we are able to refine the game and by that I mean try and rewrite half of it to try and match GTA and as a bonus, release it during the holidays so that we actually have a hope in hell that someone might actually buy it.

End of Translation

Now, when I watched previous developer videos about SR2, I could tell that the developers were all very aware of GTAIV’s release and knew that they would need something special to come remotely close. I do feel for them as they are essentially trying to crawl up mount everest in terms of budget and manpower compared to GTA, but they all seemed a little bit snobbish about it, as if they felt as if they were going to blow it out of the water.

Oh well, excuse me for doing so but all I can say is:


source: 1UP.com

Last Updated: May 30, 2008

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