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Saint’s Row 4 getting a little Crackdown

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Volition’s Saint’s Row franchise has gone from strength to strength; starting its life as little more than a GTA clone, the series took the crazy by the horns and ran with it, adopting its own particular brand of silliness. Could it be going too far with Saint’s Row 4?

The next game in series will dispense with realism entirely by adding a dash of super-powers to the mix, thanks to the game’s “virtual worlds” and alien enemies. Before you start scoffing, it could actually be interesting, filling the void left by Crackdown and its super-powered verticality.

“This has also helped make Steelport feel like a new city once you start navigating through the world from up above, jumping and gliding through the air while battling aliens on rooftops,” Senior producer Jim Boon told OXM

“The addition of our superpowers bring a much greater emphasis on vertical gameplay so we were able to create content going upward rather than outward. While Steelport isn’t horizontally bigger there’s a lot more verticality to explore this time. It completely changes your perspective.”

The addition of superpowers have definitely allowed the team to come up with some pretty cool and unique encounters for our missions in SR4. First off, it’s allowed our designers and artists to think much more vertically than we’ve ever done before. Now that a player can jump a tall building with the press of a button, it presents an entirely new battlefield for us and the designers have had fun coming up with mechanics that take advantage of this.

Boon believes that these virtual worlds allow the game’s designers to experiment a little more with missions, making the game more interesting to play.

“Another benefit from going this virtual route is that it gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of the environments we can create outside of Steelport. Once the Zin abduct someone, they place them in one of these virtual prisons in order to break their will. We’ve had fun coming up with some interesting areas for the Saints to be trapped in, and this theme of having virtual worlds helps us to do that,” Boon said.

Do you think, perhaps, that Saint’s Row is on its way to becoming too irreverent, and you’;d rather stick to something a little more grounded  like GTA V – or are you all in for an insane, open-world super-powered crazy-train?

Me? I’m sold.

Last Updated: April 22, 2013

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