Sales figures for Other PAL Areas

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VB Chartz has created a new charting application that we mere mortals can use to check the sales in virtually all areas of the world of the next gen consoles.

Unfortunately since we are a tiny spec on the gaming graph we get lumped in the Other category… next to Australia who get’s their own category..

So how do the sales look… Well the Xbox 360 has easily sold the most but once you align the launch dates things become more interesting.

If we look at the graph where the Wii line ends we have the following figures

Wii 68,624
PS3 62,087
Xbox 49,169

So the 360 is being trounced by the other two and the Wii is winning…

The sharp eyed readers here would have noticed that those sales figures are terrible really. The Wii regularly sells more than that in a week in Japan. Makes you understand why our market is not treated with the same respect as the US or Japan.

Interesting none the less though

Source: VG Chartz: Video Game Charts (Wii, PS3, Xbox360, DS, PSP) – Hardware Comparison Charts

Last Updated: July 4, 2007

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