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Sales from Overwatch’s Pink Mercy skin have raised nearly $10 million for breast cancer research

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Gamers have a bit of a bad reputation, one that you will unfortunately realise is very well earned if you’ve spent any significant amount of time in an online gaming lobby/chat. Overwatch has a particularly bad problem with toxic players in its community (admittedly, more so on PC than console platforms), which has already evoked some strong responses from developer Blizzard. But as toxic as some members of the Overwatch community can be, sometimes that community can also be pretty damn awesome.

Case in point, on 8 May Blizzard unveiled a special – and rather fetching – Pink Mercy skin for the game’s most well-known healer. The skin would not be available through the game’s lootboxes as per normal, but rather was offered at $15 with 100% of all sales proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Along with the skin, Blizzard was also offering a limited edition Pink Mercy t-shirt for sale from their online store, and partnering up with numerous streamers to cover content during the course of the event with players who tune in to the streams being rewarded with prized. Said event ends on Monday, 21 May, but as revealed in a tweet yesterday, Pink Mercy sales have already generated nearly $10 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This is an incredible show of support from the community for an amazing cause, and Blizzard needs to commended for taking this initiative. As Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed in the original Developers Update video that announced the Pink Mercy Charity Event, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer to affect women in the world “and the world needs heroes now more than ever” to battle this devastating disease. As both an Overwatch player and somebody who has been affected by breast cancer in my immediate family, it really puts a smile on my face to see the community get behind this so well.


Last Updated: May 18, 2018

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