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Samsung and Super Evil Megacorp are bringing keyboard and mouse to Vainglory

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Vainglory, the only worthwhile MOBA on mobile, is making a step towards full PC support courtesy of Samsung. An announcement yesterday from developer Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) stated that the game’s latest patch will have full Samsung DeX support.

Samsung are well known for the mobile phone gadgets and gizmos, and the new DeX docking station aims to take the mobile game, which is known for it’s extremely precise and responsive touch controls, into a new world with mouse, keyboard and even a screen. This takes the game into a whole new world, and will more than likely cause a few questions regarding the use of keyboard and mouse in competitive or casual games. It’s still in the early stages, but it’s an interesting development for both Samsung and SMEC.

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SMEC have been doing considerably well over the past few years, and recently they announced a new $19 million investment, one of many funding rounds which has kept Vainglory pushing out updates and developments to strengthen their hold on the mobile esports market. “We’re constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of gaming technology,” Tommy Krul, CTO of Super Evil Megacorp via The Esports Observer of the partnership.

We built Vainglory specifically for mobile devices with unmatched speed and responsive touch controls, but now, with the help of Samsung DeX, we’re taking gameplay to the next level for players who gravitate towards traditional PC gaming, and prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard.

Samsung, being the giant technology company that they are, is the perfect match for Vainglory. Back in 2016 Vainglory was among the first games to make use of Samsung’s Vulcan Technology, their integrated graphics on mobile phones. They’ve also had a rich history with Samsung after partnering up for the Samsung Galaxy Invitational which saw teams competing from around the world. The incorporation of mouse,

The incorporation of mouse, keyboard and screen has had some issues unfortunately. While Vainglory has a considerably small and somewhat niche market, it’s likely that most players won’t own a DeX dock or ever use a mouse and keyboard. It does however add some functionality for broadcasting, content creation, and more. There’s also the rational assumption that SMEC might one day look at bringing Vainglory to PC, although the PC MOBA market is already dominated by both Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Their hold on the mobile esports market is key for them, and it’s something that’s growing annually with players seeing how easy it is to just play the game on the move and compete anywhere. Samsung’s interest and investment in the esport is great, and it shows promise in Vainglory as the top mobile MOBA.

It’ll be interesting to see the developments in the upcoming months.

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Last Updated: August 25, 2017

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