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Satisfactory’s massive fourth update adds hoverpacks and particle accelerators

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There are so many games out there doing what Satisfactory does and yet it’s up there as one of the best. The factory-building/resource gatherer just has a kind of charm to it that you don’t see in its competitors. That charm is about to be taken to the next level as Satisfactory’s latest update is adding in a bunch of a cool new stuff for players to tinker with. It seems like a truly massive update that includes drones, ziplines, indoor lighting, and an actual hoverpack to make navigating your factory even more fun.


As far as actual buildings go, players can look forward to a Blender, a particle accelerator (sure, why not?), a resource well pressuriser and extractor, power storage, and a power switch. There’s a stupid amount of new content coming to Satisfactory that to unpack it all would be an absolute nightmare. So head on over to the official Reddit post if you want the lowdown on everything that’s being added as well as a comprehensive list of all the tweaks, changes and fixes that should hopefully make the game even more enjoyable.


“This is the initial Experimental release of Update 4 and that means we are still actively working on many of these features and improvements, but now we want you to try them out and give us feedback,” wrote the developers in the reddit post. “We are expecting this update to spend around a month on Experimental for us to be able to react to your feedback and fix everything up nicely for the Early Access release. With that in mind, we are aiming for it to be fully released on the 13th of April. Fingers crossed on that for all of you waiting for the update to be stable!”

Last Updated: March 17, 2021

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