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Save a cat spaceship crew in Annapurna and Blendo’s Skin Deep

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There’s no shortage of horror games set in space, but the next game published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Blendo Games may just be the scariest examination of that inhospitable frontier yet. Space pirates, a sub-genre of the nautical nasties who are far less confusing to figure out than ghost pirates, have taken over a spaceship.

What’s genuinely terrifying, is that the spaceship in question is staffed entirely by kitties who are now in peril. Will you be the brave adventurer who risks life and limb to rescue the likes of First Mate Chu Chu, Able Seacat Tumbles or Captain Palanka? Think of the kitties man, and turn those vile space pirates into various bloody chunks of formerly-human viscera in the process.

“Blendo is known for creating games that have compelling stories and great gameplay, and that’s exactly what drew us to work with Brendon,” Annapurna Interactive president Nathan Gary said in a press release. “Skin Deep embodies all that and more. We’re truly blown away by their artistry and can’t wait to get it out in the world for everyone to play.”

The catch here is that in Skin Deep you play as a “walking talking insurance policy” who has been awoken from hypersleep so that you can protect the company’ spaceship ass…ets. You’ll have to sneak around the spaceship, stop yourself from sneezing lest you want to give your position away and explore the bowels of the ship.

Barring all that, you can hop into a giant ball-shaped mech and go to town. The choice is up to you, and Ii f saving all seven cuddly souls sounds like a great time, you can wishlist Skin Deep on Steam right now.

Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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