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Say goodbye to Error 37 forever

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In the latest Diablo III patch, the one that adds the touted Real Money Auction House, Blizzard will be doing away with the infamous error message that plagued its launch.

Hilariously though, they’re not changing the way the game authenticates, or adding more servers to cope with the load; instead they’re just removing the message.

If the authentication service is busy, the login checkbox will now wait at “Authenticating Credentials” until a player’s login attempt can be processed. As a result, players should no longer encounter Error 37 when logging in.

So goodbye, annoying Error 37 message. Hello, annoying “Authenticating Credentials” message.

The new patch, as mentioned, brings the Real Money auction house to life – and also fixes a few achievement glitches and fixes a few other minor bugs.

Last Updated: June 13, 2012

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