Seasons of Heaven is a new Nintendo Switch exclusive, and it looks gorgeous

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Seasons of Heaven teased for Switch

No one is expecting Nintendo’s Switch to be a graphical powerhouse. No one should, at least – given that the hybrid console is meant to have enough power to keep publisher staples like The Legend of Zelda and the new Mario running just as smoothly on the go as when their docked in at home. Nintendo has been clever in this regard, often pushing fantastic art directions over photorealism. But if a new exclusive, named Seasons of Heaven, is anything to go by, that’s no longer the rule.

The existence of Seasons of Heaven was rumoured earlier this week, but this new…something coming exclusively to the Switch does make a striking first impression. It’s simply the most stunning game that has been showcased for the system yet, if you’re judging such things purely on only technical aspects. There’s some incredible detail and lighting to the small tease below, as a more formal, hearty trailer is promised for the game next Monday.

Seasons of Heaven is the first exclusive from Nintendo for the Switch that doesn’t hold any attachment to past franchises. That’s exciting, because the Switch needs some new powerhouse IPs along with its treasured regulars to really sell the system as a serious gaming device. If I’d garner a guess, Seasons od Heaven looks like a heartfelt platformer in the same vein of Brothers, with perhaps some mystical aspect akin to Ori and the Blind Forest or something of that ilk.

Whatever it is, it’s not far away from getting more solid details. Whether that during its full trailer next Monday or only at the Switch event next month, it’s clear that there’s a lot to this system that still being kept in the wings for more suitable reveals. it makes the system that much more exciting, especially if this is just scratching the surface of what it is capable of.

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Last Updated: December 15, 2016

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