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See some game play in this Alice : Madness returns trailer

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It’s a slow news day, and you know what that means? Yup, lots of trailers. Today we show you some gameplay from the long overdue sequel to American McGee’s Alice, a game that showed a darker side to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland before Tim Burton’s mess and its accent-shifting Mad Hatter. It looks much like the first one, an action platformer that takes the obviously rather mentally troubled Alice through beautiful environments slicing, dicing and shooting enemies along the way.

I loved the first game, mostly because of its – at the time – unique, violent, visually inventive and interesting take on a beloved classic. It has to be said though that the gameplay wasn’t as inspired as its setting, something the sequel can hopefully overcome. Games like God of War and even Darksiders have refined games of this ilk to the point where the second Alice is going to have to rely on more than its twisted aesthetic to be successful.

Alice : The Madness Returns is set for release rather sooner than I imagined, and you’ll be hearing your Vorpal Blade go snicker-snack as early as June 17th.

Last Updated: May 11, 2011

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