It seems Blizzard is giving away Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Starcraft II was (un)officially laid to rest last year after KeSPA announced it was ending all tournaments. Yeah, sure Blizzard still run their Championship circuit and have their finals every year, but it was the South Korean SC2 scene which started it all, and eventually killed it off with gambling, match fixing, and the inevitable end of KeSPA run tournaments. That’s not the important part here, what’s important is Blizzard’s next move in ensuring Starcraft remains relevant, and it seems they’re doing that by making Starcraft II’s first instalment, Wings of Liberty, free (to some people).

According to some users on Reddit, Blizzard is directly gifting the game to some players. The game is of course Wings of Liberty, but is this a hint at the game going free? You can’t really play it competitively and the single-player campaign, albeit amazing, will get boring over time. Blizzard have not announced anything, nor is there any criteria for who gets the game, it simply appears with a message: “You’ve been granted a free game.”


Some players who received the game said they had taken part in trials of the game, beta testing, and free weekends, but other players said they’d done none of that, so why are people getting the game? My educated guess is that Blizzard are pushing for Wings of Liberty to go free so more players play the game and become interested in rest of the franchise in a last ditch effort to revive it. The game is around seven years old so really it’s no surprise that the game is going free. Blizzard will probably make an announcement later this week as communities are already discussing it. If you haven’t opened up your account this week, go check if you’ve got a free copy of SC2: Wings of Liberty.


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Last Updated: January 24, 2017

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  • PurplePariah

    I checked. Never lucky.

    Says the guy who got into the Hearthstone Alpha.

    Oh and the Heroes of the Storm closed beta.

    But you know. Never lucky.

  • Hammersteyn

    Nope, nothing yet.

  • miaau


    Damn, already own it. No refund either. Damn again.

    Edit* – um, why give a game this old, now? Odd, I think.

  • HvR

    Dammit, that is the only one I own.

    Heart of Swarm please

    • HvR

      Nope nothing, probably not giving a free copy to somebody who already owns it

  • DrKiller

    Anyone have a copy for me? 😛

  • DrKiller

    Will it show on the website? Or only on the app?

  • I own every Blizzard title. Can’t they gift me some free wow mounts … or some Overwatch loot boxes … or some cool announcers for SC?

    • Hammersteyn

      Or, now call me crazy, a new sequel or maybe even a new IP?

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