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Seriously disturbing PlayStation Advert

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image Now it’s no secret that I don’t understand or like most of the European PlayStation adverts. The this is living campaign was a complete abomination for example.

However when they started the Black Orchid campaign I thought they had finally gotten a decent head of marketing and the weird was finally behind them…

Well that appears to not be the case, the latest advert out of Vienna not only makes absolutely no sense but is also quite disturbing in a bad sort of way.

For some obscure reason the advertising company thought a good advert would be a picture of a naked man with a thumb where his penis should be… yes that is all….

So is this some hoax or is it real? I can find no reason to not believe it even though it is terrible so I am guessing it was a valid attempt…

Check after the jump to be scarred for life.


Advertising: Disturbing Playstation Ad Will Put You Off Video Games Forever

Last Updated: May 14, 2008

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