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Sex game banned from Steam is now available

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Way back when Yolanda was still locked in the basement and only allowed out to post 2 stories a day she posted about a game that had been kicked from Steam for being too erotic, that game was called Seduce Me and you can now own it.

Check out the gameplay trailer here, don’t worry it is safe for work

The game appears to be a point and click adventure game where the goal is to flirt and seduce as many beautiful women who all live in the same apartment as possible.

According to the trailer you get to talk to them using the universal language of playing cards, which is possible the oddest thing I’ve ever heard.

But if this is the sort of thing that blows your skirt up then head over to the official site here and pick up your copy for 13 Euro’s

If you do please be so kind as to send us a review, I’d love to know how the game actually plays out.

Last Updated: January 3, 2013

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