Sex Worse than Violence? Seriously?

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Recently,, a site designed to help parents decide what their children should and shouldn’t play, held a poll asking what type of content in games parents find most offensive. As you can see, the poll results were very interesting. Two men kissing and a man and a woman having sex are apparently more offensive than a graphically severed human head? Apparently swearing doesn’t really matter, so f*** it, I won’t even go into that one.

Thank goodness, Martha, little Timmy is a convicted murder, but at least he didn’t turn out to be a young father or a homosexual… phew. I know it’s an exaggeration, but seriously?

Now, excuse for maybe looking a little too deeply into this, but I think I may be onto something. We all know that the world is becoming desensitized to violence, heck, we see it in the news every day. So then, not much explaining necessary. This brings me to sexual content, do parents find it more offensive or dangerous to their children’s future? Or is it that they realise that it may lead to their children enquiring about it, ultimately lending up in a discussion about “the birds and the bees”. Which no one is a fan of.

My point is that I sincerely hope that parents aren’t subconsciously voting and focusing on the content that involves them actually having to take responsibility and exert a bit of effort. A lot of parents treat videogames like a new age babysitter, just plonk the kid in front of the TV with a controller in his hand and the afternoon is sorted.

I ask you now though, with that in mind, would you prefer your child to walk in on the baby sitter doing the bedroom boogie with their partner, or have him walk in on him/her holding a severed head thats dripping blood onto a lifeless, headless, body?

I know which one would mess me up for life, that’s for sure. Comments from any readers who are parents will be appreciated.

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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