Shadow of Mordor on old-gen is plain ugly

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Shadow of Mordor is easily one of my favourite games from this year. Derivative it may be, but its blend of fantasy role-playing, stealth gameplay and Batman-inspired combat is fantastic.  The best thing about the whole game though, was the rather clever Nemesis system, whereby lowly orcs have the chance to become big players in Sauron’s quest for domination of Middle Earth. The game’s old-gen version was delayed and will be out locally this week. If you’re sporting the old systems though, you may actually want to give this one a pass.

Some footage of the Ps3 version is out, and the game looks a little bit on the awful side – with muddy textures, an awful frame rate, poor animation, texture pop-in, screen tearing, unbearably long load times  and just about all of the nasty stuff we don’t want in our games. That would be okay if the core game was identical, but it isn’t. The vaunted Nemesis system is incredibly limited. It really is just a mere shadow  – and isn’t really the same game.  It’s not just ugly on a technical level, as a result of its limited systems, it’s objectively less fun. If you were planning on picking Shadow of Mordor up for your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you may want to reconsider.

While it’s still a good game, it’s missing the soul of what made Shadow of Mordor a compelling experience. You may also want to consider picking up a new console or upgrading your PC, because I think the old systems are well on their way to obsolescence. This sort of thing is set to continue, and cross gen games will continue to become worse, all while hobbling their new gen counterparts.

It’s out on Friday for the old systems.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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