Shank 2 is shivving its way along

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If you never made the time to play Shank last year, then you missed out on a fun little title, one that combined violent gameplay with fluid Saturday morning cartoon visuals. Needless to say, it sold quite well, and EA, never one to pass up the opportunity to roll out a sequel, have announced that Shank 2 will be carving its way through to us soon.

Debuting the title at the Electronic Arts Vegas Game Show yesterday, Shank 2 has been rebuilt from scratch, and will feature additional modes to tie in with the main single-player campaign, according to 1up.

"Creatively, Shank still has a lot to give", developer Klei Entertainment’s founder, Jamie Cheng said. "We took the feedback from the community and ran with it, putting our own flavour on every change. For Shank 2, we literally took apart the game and put it back together to push the envelope in combat mechanics, visuals, and 2D animation in games”.

"We are honoured to again partner with the visionary talent of Klei Entertainment," EA Partners business development director Jamil Moledina added. "Shank 2 showcases their ability to blend emotionally resonant yet sardonically violent storytelling with pitch perfect controls and art design and confirms EA Partners’ strategy of bringing the best independent games simultaneously to all leading digital platforms”.

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The bloody sequel is reported to feature new co-op gameplay, as well as a survivor mode for players that are brave enough. EA has said that Shank 2 will release next year early, across all major platforms.

Last Updated: September 28, 2011

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