stops delivering to South Africa

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Apparently has started refusing to sign up new clients in South Africa.

According to a post on the local PS3ZA forum when you try to sign up now you will received an email that states

“Unfortunately we have had to remove South Africa from our list of shipping destinations, due to the majority not reaching their destination. Sorry we’re not able to do business at this time, hopefully the situation will improve in the future and we’ll be able to start shipping there again.
ShopTo Support”

Now while I am sure the local retailers and distributors are over the moon about this but lets not be silly and start pointing fingers at them, they obviously have nothing to do with this.

The finger should be pointed directly at all the local gamers who have taken ShopTo for a ride by claiming their packages have been lost when there has been a delay and then not returning the original package when it does arrive.

You have heard people say things like “Who will it hurt” and “They are insured” before and now you know the answer. It hurts everyone else and now the majority of local gamers have to pay for your greed.

What I would like to know is whether or not you have ordered a game from that never arrived? I know about the SK debacle that has now been cleared up but I haven’t heard of anyone else’s parcels going missing.

Last Updated: April 15, 2009

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