Should the PS3 be kept alive by Blu-Ray?

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The PS3 is Doomed

I stumbled across an article this morning implying that the PS3 was fast on it’s way to coming stone last in this generation and it was mentioned that their saving light would be to position the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player that can play games and not the other way around.

They could then heavily market it towards the electronics consumer market and possibly claw it’s way back into the console wars.

You can read all about it along with some entertaining comments over at Blend Games.

However it has to be asked if we really want a gaming console to be kept alive just because it can play Blu-Ray’s? Isn’t that a recipe for crappy game ports and lack lustre exclusives?

At this moment in time Sony is doing everything it can to show us that the PS3 is the best gaming experience on the market, it is flush with exciting exclusives and the third party developers have been coaxed into actually putting some effort into the ports.

The problem is that the PS3 is losing right now and as we look up and race into the Christmas season it is becoming increasingly more difficult to see why anyone should rather lay out all that cash on a PS3 instead of getting an equally capable gaming machine in the 360 for half price.

At the moment the Blu-ray ability is a novelty and there are some doubters out there, like me, who aren’t even sure that Blu-Ray will ever make it to the mainstream. However if it does then I will more than happily pick up a stand alone Blu-Ray player for half the price of the 360 at that time…

Right now the PS3 is looking very defenceless and you start to feel that Sony really need to do something special to save it from an embarrassing last place this time around.

Oh and that something special is a price cut if anyone from Sony were wondering.

Last Updated: October 15, 2008

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