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Show how well you handle your sword with Soul Calibur V this weekend

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Fighting game aficionados Get Hype are running another fine fighting game tournament – with another incredible prize. This time focused on Namco’s excellent Soul Calibur V, Get Hype ’s Soul Calibur Souls & Swords Tournament sees the winner walk off with one of those beautiful Soul Calibur-branded Mad Catz Fightsticks I liked so much, courtesy of AWX at Brightwater Commons – which also happens to be where the tournament takes place this Saturday, 25 February.

Here’s how it all goes down

Registrations will be open from 10am and will close at 11:30 am, after which brackets will then be drawn up  for the double elimination tournament , which is set to start at 12pm. Matches will be best out of 3 games – with  3 rounds of 60 seconds each per round per game – right up until the finals and grand finals where the format switches to best out of 5.

Unfortunately for those of you who created Jedi’s Monty Python characters or large, bald, squeaky-voiced ladymen with pink pixie boots, no custom characters will be allowed – which also means that Devil Jin Style will be banned. Likewise, pre-order bonus character Dampierre won’t be available for use until he’s available on LIVE and PSN. No sneaky plans on using the smallest stages for easy ring-outs either, as all stages will be selected randomly.

Runners-up will also be awarded prizes; vouchers from AWX.

If fighting games aren’t quite your thing and you’d prefer to switch out swords for guns, Maingaming will be hosting a Call of Duty tournament in the centre’s promotions court – and will be giving away a R1000 AWX voucher to the winner, with Tritton goodies being dished out as well.

More details at Gethype.co.za and Maingaming.co.za

Last Updated: February 22, 2012

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