Sierra is being resurrected at Gamescom

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If the name Sierra brings up all sorts of warm, nostalgic feelings, then you were probably part of the Golden Age in PC gaming. The famous developer was put to rest a few years ago by Activision, but it’s time for their name to shine once more.

Activision is reviving the classic PC developer/publisher, with a new website displaying a new, modern logo for Sierra. The new website also features a short teaser of a man walking up to a snow covered mountain, which bears resemblance to the company logo. An announcement has been teased for Gamescom next week, which could mean all sorts of things.

Will Sierra return as a developer or publisher? When Activision bought them, they bought all the franchises Sierra owned at the time. These include King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest and even Leisure Suit Larry. With Telltale giving up on a King’s Quest remake, could this be the new title Activision has resurrected Sierra for?

Sierra was also famous for publishing some of the greatest PC titles over a decade ago, including the original Half-Life and Counter-Strike. It’s unlikely they’ll return to such business though, with Activision dealing with all of their own publishing.

The least attractive theory though is the idea of Sierra bringing some of their classic PC titles to mobile. There isn’t a more effective way to destroy memories.

I’m now even more eager to see what Activision has in store at Gamescom. I just hope this isn’t all smoke and no real fire.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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