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Sims 2 goes Ultimate, loses support

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The Sims 4 is coming. Many of the die hard fans have played it since the first one and plenty of people are digging back through their old versions to tide themselves over until the new one launches. However, EA might have just made that a bit more complicated.

EA has sent out emails to everyone with a digital copy of The Sims 2 logged against their Origin account. All of them have received The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection which includes The Sims 2 as well as every sing expansion and stuff pack. That’s a lot of DLC. However, it isn’t all upgrades and happiness; EA is no longer supporting The Sims 2. What does that mean?

Going forward, EA will no longer be providing any new content or making any additional technical updates to The Sims 2. If you have a problem with your game, you are of course still welcome to contact us here at EA Help.

Okay, so you can still get support if you have issues with the game, but if you happen to encounter some broken code or game breaking glitch you’ll have to learn to work around it because it’s never getting fixed.

Considering that the game is going to be ten years old this September, it’s not that bad a move from EA. I wonder if this will be a cool new tradition – once the game reaches it’s tenth birthday you can get all the DLC just for having it. This could be a good sign for Sims 3 fans who still need to grab some DLCs – don’t shell out cash for it now, just upgrade to The Sims 4 and wait another bunch of years and you’ll get them for free. Maybe.

Last Updated: July 17, 2014

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