Sims 3 Promo video features Susan Boyle, as well as the Queen and Obama

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Why are we posting up a video about Sims 3, you may ask? Well, firstly because whether any of us likes it or not the Sims franchise is absolutely huge, secondly, it’s because Maxis has done something rather strange, yet possibly refreshing, by completely targeting the more casual market that want to reach.

What they have done is create a video that sends out good luck to Susan Boyle, of recent “Britain’s Got Talent” fame, and also included the characters of both Obama and the Queen of England in order to try and keep in touch with their market through current events.

A pretty clever move if you are trying to get the attention of the casual gamer. Either way, unless piracy has it’s way, and honestly, even if it does, the Sims 3 is probably going to sell and absolute ton of copies when it hits shelves.

Source: UnrealityMag

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Last Updated: May 25, 2009

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