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Site slowdown and redesign

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Hands up whoever is still at work… sucks doesn’t it.

Well hopefully you will be going on leave soon enough and will be coming back in the new year refreshed and ready for anything.

When you get back in the new year you will hopefully see some very nice changes here at Lazygamer as all leave has been cancelled while the site undergoes a face lift.

So while we will still be working for the entire Christmas period (just call me scrooge) there will be a noticeable slowdown in stories being posted on the site as from Monday or possibly even today while Nick is locked in the design room coming up with pretty pictures.

I will try keep things ticking over through the holidays so there should be something for you to see if you ever wander past, but if we don’t see you again we here at Lazygamer would like to wish you the very best gaming festive season.

May you get everything you desire and we will see you back bright and early in January 2009.

Last Updated: December 18, 2008

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