SIXAXIS a complete failure?

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29 seems to also be having a flamebait Friday going and have nicely posted the perfect article to get people going.

However they do have an exceptionally valid point. Is the SIXAXIS a failure on every level?

1. No Rumble – The last gen feature that Sony is ever so slowly returning to us.

2. Lair… The game to lead the SIXAXIS was a complete and utter failure

3. Same old design with the same problems as before

4. Forcing developers to add some idiotic motion sensing into every title

Did we mention the lack of rumble?

Gameplayer has managed to spread those 4 bullet points over 3 pages and has insulted the SIXAXIS in every way possible. So do you think they are wrong? I don’t, Microsoft raised the bar with the 360 controller and Sony dropped the ball.


Last Updated: February 22, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana hammock

    Well, here goes:

    Rumble: Yes they should have had it in. They screwed up. Period.

    Design: I absolutely love the design, it’s perfect for me, i think the XboX controller is rubbish.

    Motion sensor: Maybe Lair sucked, but it made both Heavenly Sword and Ratchet & Clank much better for using it properly.
    Like anything, if you do it properly then it’ll be great.

  • The motion sensor is there and that is a perk IF a game uses it properly.

    Rather have it, than not.

    The design is perfect, rumble, was a mistake to leave out.

  • Mark

    Own both PS3 and Xbox 360…. despite my current RROD status…. love my xbox controller…. the “triggers” are a much better idea, especially for games such as forza where how much you squeeze does translate to how much you are stomping on the gas…. also shooters, trigger kinda speaks for itself…. yes I loved Drake and Zak, even motorstorm was fun…. now I some one can make a blue tooth 360 controller for my PS3…..

  • Mark

    sorry should read “… now if someone….” not “… now I some one…”

  • LazySAGamer

    Personally I think the 360 controller is much more comfortable, the weight of the SIXAXIS kills me…

    I also find the inline analogue sticks not ideal for FPS games. However they do feel better for the fighting games…

  • Banana hammock

    Funny, one of the things i like about the SixAxis is that it is so light. Plus it just fits my hand perfectly.

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    On the rumble screw up. Sony have technically fixed this, but they need to be more proactive to say sorry to their customers. Two things

    1) PS3s should be shipping with the Dual Shock 3 already!

    2) Perhaps offer some kind of rebate program. Give us your old sixaxis and we’ll give you 50% off your new Dual Shock 3. It will spike the sales of their new controller, plus they could probably send those old sixaxis’s (sixaxi ?) back tot he plant to be sold again. Heck! MS did it with old RROD consoles. You make more cash and please the customer.. kinda.

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    oh and i also think the 360 controller has a better ergonomic design than the PSx/PS2/PS3.

  • Burns ZA

    The 360 controller is way better in every respect.
    Rumble – Check
    Triggers – Check
    Auto Off – Check
    Ergonomic – Check

  • doobiwan

    Sixaxis hmm, I have to say it. Microsoft were right. They tried it 10 years ago and nobody wanted it . . .

    Controllers are a personal thing, the 360 controller is too big for my son, the PSx controller causes me physical pain after 45 minutes.

    What is bad about the SIXAXIS is more the build quality, it’s absolute [email protected] for a R500 device, so much for Sony quality (That’s comparing it to a PS2 controller). Apparently the DS3 is better.

  • DarthPenguin

    The 360 controller is a lot more comfortable than the PS3 controller IMO. I struggled with the PS2 control for FPS for a long time. It always felt slow, and with the way you have to hold the control, its hard to get the precise movements you want on the thumbpads. As a rule, I played FPS on PCs instead of a PS as it was just so much easier. But with the xbox controller, within a week I was a lot more precise with the control than with a mouse and keyboard. Its a lot easier to control your strafing speed amongst other things. And as mentioned earlier, with racing games, the 360 controller is also a lot easier to use. I think the article is very accurate.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    @ Banana hammock

    “i think the XboX controller is rubbish.”
    Somehow that bit of commentry didn’t suprise me πŸ˜‰

    Although one piece of criticism I would give the xbox controller is the D-Pad, the rest of the controler however is perfect, the analogue triggers was a great idea. Xobx360 controler + Sony d-pad = perfect

  • Fox1

    I have used the PS3 controller. I think it lacks ergonomics and will lead to wrist damage during prolonged use when motion sensing is used in games.

    Here’s a question for PS3 fanboy’s:
    Would you want Sony to release the original boomerang controller that was designed for the PS3? Remember it? It was dropped because it was just to expensive and add to the original price of the 80gig PS3. It does look awesome.

    Check this link for info:

  • scotty777

    sad thing is, No F$^%ING control fits my HUGE HANDS!!!!! no… so i’ll stick you my ps3 control because i’ve learnt to adapt to the small ching-chong hand size bs control… lol

  • Fox1

    @scoty777- If you ever own a 360 the Genius has quite a big 360 controller.

  • Abe

    I dont like the xbox controll at all, it feels clunky and badly designed. But I guess this is all because we all adapt to the controls which we use frequently, so when we pick up the other it feels weird and uncomfortable!
    I love the ps control, the only thing i would change now that rumble is no longer an issue is the angle of the R2/L2 buttons sometimes my fingers slip off.
    Oh and by the way they are also pressure sensitive!

  • ocelot

    No doubt the 360 controller is better for FPS’s and was designed with FPS’s in mind. But I do find the SixAxis/DS3 better for action and platformer games like DMC, GoW, Ratchet and Clank…

  • Fox1

    PS3 made a lame attempt at adding trigger like things on the controller, lol.

  • ocelot

    MS made a lame attempt at making a reliable console. Talk about build quality….

  • LazySAGamer

    @Ocelot, πŸ™‚ Should that statement be taken as an agreement to Fox1’s statement?

    The reliability of the 360 is normally the easiest thing to attack even if we are not talking about the 360, or reliability…

  • Fox1

    @Lazy- I think so, lol.

    @ocelot- PS3’s are also starting to fail(Blue Ray diodes) and you guys don’t have a 3 year warranty to fall on. It’s also not as easy to get a new one they give you a refurbished one.
    Haven’t you visited the PS3 forum lately???

    I always have time for some flaming but unfortunately I have an A1 GP to attend πŸ˜‰

  • ocelot

    I agree that the triggers are lame. But don’t even compare the tiny amount of PS3 failures to the huge number of 360 ones.

  • Fox1

    @ocelot- I agree but good thing MS gave us new upgraded consoles with 3 year warranty. PS3 has only 1 year warranty.

  • ocelot

    I would rather have a 1 year warranty for a reliable piece of hardware than a three year warranty for hardware that is made of paper mache. Also, the 3 year warranty only covers the RRoD.

  • doobiwan

    Thats okay, if you have any other issues, it’s easy enough to force an RRoD :p The newer consoles don’t have ‘other issues’ either.

    Anyway, moving right along, we’ll all be getting the same Gametrak Freedom so, well, yay . . .

  • Banana hammock


    did i say something wrong? Or is it that only XboX fanboys get to have an opinion around here?

    You’ll notice my post said “I think” which is my opinion. I think the XboX controller is not only exceedingly ugly, but it is way too big and clunky for my hands. Yes i have small hands which is why i prefer the lighter smaller SixAxis.

    As for it being badly built, i have NEVER had a problem with any PS controller.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    You aren’t a fanboy for prefering a certain console over others, you are a fanboy for irrationaly loving your console of choice and hating any other console.
    By saying that you think the xbox360 controler is rubbish didn’t suprise me since you hate anything 360. The xbox360 controler is good but you dismiss it as “rubbish”.

    Now if you actualy took your fanboy goggles of for just a second you could have seen that the Xbox360 controler is nice to have for rumble, analogue triggers and good build quality, but you chose to ignore all of that and say it’s rubbish. And you call me a fanboy?

  • Banana hammock

    You are a fanboy, and a moron. If you bothered to read OTHER posts on this site you will notice i have lots of good things to say about the 360.

    You say i irrationally love my console and hate any other console? Please tell me what consoles i own? Oh, you don’t know that do you? You just think you do. Plus i never said ANYTHING bad about the 360 as a console, just it’s controller. And i LOVE the Wii.

    If i were the fanyboy you claim me to be i would have said the following:

    What good is an XboX controller when the XboX is always broken?

    I have to buy an add on to recharge my XboX controller, WTF?

    I have to PAY for a Live service which they then REFUSE to support in my country?

    The truth is i DO think the XboX controller is rubbish, that does not mean that i think the XboX is rubbish, quite the opposite in fact. You are the fanboy because you think EVERYTHING XboX is brilliant and cannot be faulted.

    You clearly think i’m a Sony fanboy, but i have admitted many times to Sonys crap. In fact you can see in one of the above articles my view on Home.

  • Abe

    An excellent retort sir!

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