SIXAXIS a complete failure?

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29 seems to also be having a flamebait Friday going and have nicely posted the perfect article to get people going.

However they do have an exceptionally valid point. Is the SIXAXIS a failure on every level?

1. No Rumble – The last gen feature that Sony is ever so slowly returning to us.

2. Lair… The game to lead the SIXAXIS was a complete and utter failure

3. Same old design with the same problems as before

4. Forcing developers to add some idiotic motion sensing into every title

Did we mention the lack of rumble?

Gameplayer has managed to spread those 4 bullet points over 3 pages and has insulted the SIXAXIS in every way possible. So do you think they are wrong? I don’t, Microsoft raised the bar with the 360 controller and Sony dropped the ball.


Last Updated: February 22, 2008

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