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Skate 2 Comparison – Someone give EA a pat on the back please

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It’s true that console comparisons have gotten a little tired now but this one is different.

First of all, I need to mention that the first Skate on Playstation 3 was a worse experience on PS3. This is not my opinion, this is the opinion of a lot of PS3 users who were left feeling very upset with Skate’s terrible framerate ( an online petition was even started to try and get a patch released to improve the framerate) that hampered the experience considerably, especially when the Xbox 360 version was rolling along so smoothly.

This time around I am quite impressed to say the least. This is the first comparison video that I have seen where I can truly say that both of the games look absolutely identical. Not only that, but the PS3 version seems to be cruising along at a beautifully smooth framerate this time as well.

Well done EA, you are starting to impress me.

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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