Skate 2 Filmer Pack: Are You Serious… Again?

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Why oh why are the gamers of this world letting companies like EA get away with this.

What I am going on about is something that I actually noticed in Skate 2 the other day, but has now also been officially released. I’m talking about the filmer pack. What the filmer pack essentially is, is the full version of the replay editing mode that should have been included with Skate 2 from the very start. It’s absolutely disgusting that they would try and sell us something like this. What’s next, a DLC pack that allows you to use not one, but two analogue sticks!

If you want to find out more about the filmer pack, you can click through to the source at the bottom of the article because I can’t bring myself to endorse or aid the promotion of this type of trash anymore.

The reason that this really hacks my goat is that we all know that one of the greatest features in Skate, is the ability to capture replays and upload them to the net so that you can view and share them. Skate 2, in the strangest move ever, decided to completely omit the ability to edit clips in multiplayer, only leaving you with the ability to save the last short while and then edit it later. “Oh, what, I wasn’t in the frame on that last trick? Oh well, we will just have to go and start another multiplayer session to try it again, and this time hope that it comes out right.”

Add to this that a lot of people are having issues connecting to EA Nation, so all of the online functionality and community features are disabled for them already. What an insult to gamers to add features that you have to pay for, especially when they should not only have been there from the start, but the ones that are there are broken for so many people that they can’t even enjoy the crumbs that EA have supplied.


Last Updated: January 30, 2009

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