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Skate 2 Interview – Online Details Spilled

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Skate 2 will be hitting shelves in January and anyone who was a fan of the first game is probably counting the seconds until it’s release.

What will be getting fans even more excited is that details about the online modes have been released and are making the game look even more incredible than before. It looks as though Skate 2 will be borrowing the same online concept that was used in Burnout Paradise a little over a year ago and will now allow gamers to easily pop in and out of freeskate sessions from a simple in-game menu.

That isn’t the only similarity to Burnout’s fantastic multiplayer system, more after the jump.

Challenges will now also be integrated in a similar manner to Burnout and will also give players the option to not take part and just continue skating around. We have also heard before that there is the ability to get off of your board and move objects around to create new spots but now we have also found out that you will be able to save and share those setups with other people online.

There is also going to apparently be some major improvements made to the video uploader as well as the online site that allows you to view and share your content. My only hope is that they have also thought to include some sort of spectator mode or free camera so that people can take videos with their own angles as well as easily watch a friend bust a sweet trick.

source: GamePro

Last Updated: December 9, 2008

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