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Skullgirl pirate hilariously caught red handed

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Media pirates are one of my massive pet hates. Those morons who try to justify their need for entertainment at no cost simply because they feel the people who made the movie, game or music are rich enough just drive me mad.

If you think it isn’t worth the money then don’t have it, basic common decency people.Anyway let’s not rant.

Yesterday a gamer by the name of Dan Hibiki tweeted out this weird picture to the official Skullgirls account asking what on earth it means.

Apparently he had completed the story mode with both Para and Cere and then suddenly this pops up and asks him

“What is the square root of a fish? Now I’m sad.”

Say what? Dan thought the same so he hopped onto twitter and asked the Skullgirls developer what this means? Their reply was epic

Epic. This isn’t the first time a developer has put in some secret code to track piracy but by putting some utter random rubbish in they have managed to get a pirate to out themselves in public.Dan quickly realised what he’d done and tried to defend himself.

Ah the old try before you buy excuse. I guess that’s why he completed story mode using two characters before buying. Just to make sure that he really is enjoying it… obviously.

The developer then hits it perfectly again

So all good, they aren’t going to do anything stupid but they are also letting him know he’s doing the wrong thing. And that should be the end of an epic story but Dan is obviously missing a few screws as he then decides to ask the company he has stolen from to add in some free content to the game.

Holy hell Dan, you have a severe entitlement issue going on here. Kudos to the developers who responded way more professionally than I ever would.

So Dan has now promised to go buy the game but in all honesty I highly doubt he will. The only thing that will change here is that he won’t go tweeting developers about strange messages again anytime soon.You got any other stories of people being caught in public for pirating?

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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