Skyrim Collectors Edition has size issues

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I had to quickly google where Bethesda was based because generally everything’s bigger in Texas but I’ve never seen a collectors edition this size.

Granted there is a lot in this box but this is insane, I feel sorry for the people who are collecting theirs on public transport or something equally as inconvenient.

If you can’t remember what’s in it here’s a refresher course

The obvious inclusion here is that amazing Alduin (dragon) statue that stands a solid 12” tall and is made of high quality PVC.

Next we have the official “the Art of Skyrim” art book which features a foreword by Todd Howard, the games director, along with over 200 pages of full colour illustrations, models, sketches and everything else that makes up the world of Skyrim. What’s better is that it’s also quite large coming in at just over 12 inches by 9 inches (30cm x 22cm) and won’t look out of place on your coffee table.

There is also a making of Skyrim DVD with exclusive behind the scenes footage along with interviews and insider insight.

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

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