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Skyrim: NPC Family members will hunt you down

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The depth that is apparent in Skyrim is pretty scary at times and now the latest information we are getting is that not only are their consequences to just slaughtering innocents but there are also family entities in Skyrim.

So if you are walking through a town and you kill some beggar because you’ve had a bad day and you enjoy meaningless video game violence then you are going to have a little surprise.

Or not.. it depends if that beggars family decides to take revenge on you or if he had a family at all.

The idea of family units with feelings and reactions in a videogame is pretty impressive technology and while it’s unlikely that I’ll ever get far enough into this 100 hour game to suffer those sorts of consequences I think it maybe important for the hardcore Skyrim players to be a little more careful before attacking any random NPC’s

“AWESOME SKYRIM FACT #3: If you kill somebody, a family member might wish to take revenge.”

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Last Updated: August 24, 2011

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