Skyrim tweak will allow for much better mods

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I have a confession to make. It’s not a particularly popular one – but I loved the heck out of Skyrim. Yes, it was a buggy and glitchy mess. Yes, its combat is frankly terrible. Yes, many of its quests are repetitive and shallow. Despite that, it was good enough to suck up 200 hours of my life. And, two years on, it just keeps getting better thanks to mods and tweaks.  Now there’s a tweak that will let you have 300 (plus) player NPC battles.

Modders haven’t been able to go completely wild with Skyrim, thanks to the game’s very last gen memory limitations, but people have found a simple mode with an ini tweak that enables the game to use up bigger chunks of memory, which in turn will allow modders to be more creative.

ENBSeries forum user ‘sheson has found a way to enable Skyrim to user larger chunks of memory. The game was previously locked to using 256Mb bits at a time but that limit has now been removed – which will greatly improve the performance of some of the game’s more ambitious mods, and allow for the creation of some even more glorious ones.

As sheson explains:

"When tesv.exe is started it allocates two 256MB blocks of memory. When the first block gets full, the engine will allocate more blocks. This can cause the known troubles. Thankfully, by telling the engine to request a bigger block from the start it magically makes use of it without any further ado. This isn’t the case with the second block. Thankfully again, the second block does not fill up as quickly and once it is full the engine does not trip over itself when allocating more blocks."

In the associated Reddit thread, people are saying it’ll allow for more than 300 NPC’s on screen – so we could finally see Skyrim being put to use to recreate some large-scale battles…like Lord of the Ring’s Battle of the Pelennor Fields for the city of Minas Tirith?

Skyrim mods are already impressive. Expect them to get a lot better.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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