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Skyrim will have infinite side quests

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So Skyrim gets released tomorrow, can you believe the day has finally arrived? Are you all prepared for the rumoured 100 hour campaign, have you taken the week off to complete the game in record time?

Well then I’ve got news for you, while the story mode may end up taking you over 100 hours to complete that will only happen if you decide to stop going on side quests at some point as the number of side quests is infinite.

According to Skyrim Director, Todd Howard, they have implemented a never ending stream of procedurally generated content for side quests. Which in simpler terms simply means new ones are continuously created. These quests can range from being asked to collect 10 different types of flowers to hunting down a group of bandits.

Besides the endless mini side quests there also appears to be a near limitless list of work to complete for the games multiple factions. Firstly you need to complete the scripted quest lines and then after that you’ll be given randomly generated requests such as assassinating shopkeepers or stealing objects across the world.

All in all it doesn’t sound like it’s even possible to complete Skyrim so I feel sorry for the poor suckers who have to review this.

Last Updated: November 10, 2011

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