Skyrim’s mandatory install is massive.. for PS3 owners

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Yes my favourite topic to hate on is back and this times it’s Skyrim which will be stealing a large portion of your hard drive space for it’s mandatory PS3 install.

The mandatory install size for Skyrim on PS3 is going to be 5.5Gb which isn’t the largest mandatory install but it’s sizeable enough for owners of older PS3’s to worry about.

However what’s more surprising is the Xbox 360’s optional install.

While optional installs are nothing new for the Xbox 360 the fact that the full game install on the Xbox 360 is only 3.8Gb is really surprising.

How is it possible that the mandatory PS3 install, which isn’t necessarily the entire game comes in at 1.7Gb’s more than the Xbox 360 full install.

Also how did they fit 100 hours of gameplay and dragons into only 3.8Gb?

Skyrim’s being released in 4 days and it’s first review has given it a 95% so it looks like the fans have nothing to worry about.

Last Updated: November 7, 2011

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