Sleeping Dogs is now also a racing game?

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Sleeping Dogs is the new name for the True Crime title that Activision ditched and which was then picked up by 2K Games.

So far the promo’s and information received about this game has had me intrigued with the idea of an open world good guy (nearly) action title really hitting a spot that no one has covered in quite some time.

However this latest video has me a little worried with the angle they are taking the title and maybe I’m just misinformed but I wasn’t expecting Sleeping Dogs to have much in the way of vehicle sections apart from the obligatory moving from one awesome adventure to the next.

I am loving the way this game is looking and hopefully I’m just being overly critical of one small element of the game.

What do you think, is this game starting to excite you?

Last Updated: March 30, 2012

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