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Smell The Game – Virtual Cocoon Coming Soon?

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Virtual Cocoon

Is this the new face of gaming and if it is do we still want to be gamers?

The theory behind the virtual cocoon is that it will provide us a fully immersive experience for gaming which is apparently so realistic that a user cannot differentiate whether the experience is real or not… I take it that is apart from the huge contraption that you have over your head?

But this is so much more than a gaming headset, along with the obvious visual and audio you will also be putting a dongle in your mouth that will simulate textures and “tactile devices” will help simulate touch.

But it gets even weirder, they are also going to be inducing scent so while you are slashing at the zombie horde you will be able to feel their skin slipping off while smelling the rotting carcases… sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

To be fair the more immersive they can make gaming the better and they are promising that the headset is going to be streamlined intensely, however I don’t think we can honestly expect an immersive experience from a sleek headset so if you want the experience you are going to have to accept looking a bit like a Big Daddy.

Source: RegHardware

Last Updated: March 10, 2009

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