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So about that 3DS Nintendo give away

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Earlier this week we asked you to vote for Lazygamer as your favourite local gaming site on the Nintendo Facebook page and if you did you would stand in line to win a Nintendo 3DS.

Well I’ve now been told that it’s not as clear cut as that, it’s not any harder and all your votes do count but the poll is not the only way to win the 3DS.

Apparently they are running a social media campaign that will end on the 24th of December and this is just the first week of that campaign and there will be 3 (I think) more campaigns before the 3DS is given away.

So just to confirm, your vote for us did give you an entry into the competition and there isn’t anything you really need to do. However if you want to stand a better chance of winning the 3DS then you need to keep an eye out on the Nintendo Facebook page for other ways to enter over the coming weeks.

The winner will be announced on their page on the 24th of December so they’d really like you to Like their page to make sure you see your name when you win. But if someone pokes us with a stick we’ll post the winners name up here as well around the same time.

I hope that clears any confusion up and if you want to shout at someone please shout at them and not me, I’m just the messenger here.

In related news, we’re winning the poll by around 70 votes and have been keeping that lead steady for the past few days. We’d really like everyone who reads this article to vote for us and we know how many of you do so why aren’t we seeing that many votes? Why don’t you love us anymore *sniff*

So if you haven’t voted yet please head on over the Nintendo Official Facebook and cast your vote.

Last Updated: December 1, 2011

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