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So, about that Uncharted film…

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You’d imagine, with its emphasis on cinematic style, character interaction and development and its obvious film influences that Uncharted would be the easiest video game property to adapt in to a film. You’d be dead wrong – as the film’s just lost its second director.

Limitless director Neil Burger has abandoned ship  – leaving the film without a director for the second time.

“It’s really one of the most cinematic videogames, and one that has really developed characters,” he said soon after getting the job.  “So, you know, there’s a lot of cool, really intense things that, if they work for the film’s story, I want to use them.”

Burger’s attitude towards the series – and the fact that he’d takled up the possibility of securing fan favourite Nathan Fillion led many to believe he was perfect for the job – but it seems it just wasn’t meant to be. Acclaimed director David O. Russell (The Fighter) was attached to direct previously – but sony and Naughty dog had some issues with the way he was handling the character. He intended to have Mark Wahlberg in the lead, and make the story about a Soprano’s-like crime family.

The film’s script is currently being penned by Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, who wrote “National Treasure,” and the search for a new director will only go ahead once they’re done with that. Maybe though, it might be worth just abandoning the project altogether, and just letting Drake live on in the medium he was born; video games.

Would you like to see Uncharted hit the big screen – or would you prefer keeping Drake’s adventures limited to consoles?

Last Updated: August 24, 2012

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