So… how big is your gaming collection?

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Hey! Have you heard? EVERYTHING IS ON SALE! It’s not just Valve looking to steal randelas from your credit card, there’s also a ton of other goods on special thanks to Black Friday in the USA (which even some SA retailers seem to be taking part in). No matter where I look today, there is some or other discounted game looking to rob my pocket. It got me thinking about how big my gaming library and collection really is, and how much of it I haven’t even finished, let alone touched. I’m not just talking Steam here, I have many titles across several consoles that still need some loving!

Through some hard work, sheer luck, and good fortune, I’ve come to own every last gen console except for the Xbox 360 (I wasn’t interested to be perfectly honest). Here’s my collection, both physical and digital, across all of these gaming systems. Doing this post has made me realise just how many games I have missing. So if you’re reading this and have borrowed something, give it back!

Everything underlined in red is a game I feel I have not finished, or not got my moneys worth (if it is a multiplayer title for example). I just know I am going to be judged so hard for not finishing some of these!



I know I am not alone in this category. Steam sales are notorious for vacuuming the brain clean of logic and replacing it with a desire to buy ALL THE CHEAP things instead. Here’s my backlog at the moment.


To be honest, it’s not THAT bad. I have 21 unfinished titles, compared to 30 finished. It’s that multiplayer tab that eats up most of my time though with titles like Dota 2 and Warframe. Had I ignored them completely, this backlog wouldn’t even exist.


Before the great Steam (and very rarely after), gamers used to buy physical copies of their desired titles. Here’s mine, including some that ended up on Steam anyways.


As you can see, everything from Blizzard and Valve has been finished (as should be expected). Other games I have either just not got around to (Splinter Cell Chaos Theory) or been thoroughly disappointed with (Dishonored). I had many more old games, I just have no idea where I have stored them!

Nintendo Wii

The Wii is easily one of my favourite consoles of all time. Say what you will, the console may have been focused on casual, but that didn’t stop it from having some amazing titles!


I’m actually kind of embarrassed to be honest. How could I have not got around to finishing gems like Red Steel 2, Okami, or Super Paper Mario? I spent lots of my Wii time playing Super Smash Brawl, which is missing from this line up.

Nintendo DS/3DS

If I spent many an hour playing the Wii, I spent even more playing on Nintendo’s handheld devices. Bathroom breaks really started getting unnecessarily long!


For some reason, I have a ton of 3DS titles missing. I know Geoff will destroy my very existence once he sees that I have never finished Chrono Trigger. One absent title, The World Ends With You, is still one of the best handheld games I have ever played. It’s currently on loan to a fellow fuzzy Wookiee.

You may also be wondering why on earth I have two copies of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. My brother and I both owned a DS, and we just wanted to play some multiplayer.

PlayStation 3

This collection really is missing most of my favourite titles. Thankfully, most of them are with my brother, who got married sometime after we both invested in this awesome console. He stole some titles to play once he bought his own PlayStation 3.


Missing is the Unchartered trilogy, LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, and all the God of War games. Those are easily some of my all time favourite titles! I’ve also only just recently started playing Final Fantasy X. I don’t know if I have it in me to go back and finish off XIII to be honest… perhaps one day if I need to sigh lots AMIRITE RINCE?


I never quite had as much love for the PSP as I did for my DS. Still, there were some magical titles to be played on Sony’s first handheld. My Vita collection only looks tiny because most of the titles I have for it have been downloaded digitally.


Aliens Vs Predator was a game I got with my PSP. I haven’t even touched it! Crisis Core is a fantastic title that every Final Fantasy VII fan should play. I’m hoping that gets some HD love one day.

With regards to my Vita, I have finished nearly everything I have for it. I’m busy playing Metal Gear Solid 3, which is why the title is still underlined in the image.

Altogether now!

Here they all are piled together (NOTE: PC is absent for obvious reasons). Many of these games don’t make up my backlog, they make up my collection! One day, I’ll add the current gen to the lot.


Unlike Darryn, I don’t think I will ever sell these. Some people consider replaying old titles a waste of time. I will definitely go back in a few years to see just how things have been changed. Heck, I still have my PlayStation 1 with some core titles lying around. Maybe it’s time I plugged that back in to see how far we’ve come. I don’t even care if I destroy my childhood memories in the process.

Do I consider all of the above a waste of money? Not at all, even those titles I haven’t touched! For some reason, I have zero guilt in purchasing them. What about you? How large is your gaming collection, and how much of it have you yet to touch? Do you have any regrets?

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Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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